The Peace Dove Project

The other day I was papering one of my Peace Doves while watching the news. Revolution is in the air. People are dieing, and fighting for their rights, and loving, and peacefully protesting everywhere from Wisconsin to Bahrain, from Libya to Algeria. And I am sitting in my house, constructing a dove. People are dieing for what they believe in and I am making a Peace Dove? There is something wrong with this picture.

I know The Dove Project has much deeper roots than simply touting peace around the world. It is about Justice. It is about having a place for unheard voices to be heard. It is about looking at the hard issues. It is not about some soft, Utopian version of peace where we all hold hand and sing songs.What was missing from my creative musing was a way for these ideas and intentions to leave my studio throughout the process and enter into the larger world.

So comes the blog. These revolutions were organized in large part because of Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. I have these same resources at my fingertips and I plan to use them.

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