Salal Dove: In Progress

When I think about People’s Uprisings, I always see hands. Hands raised in solidarity. Hands raised in defiance. These hands defy those that would oppress them. They say “Yes! I am alive and you cannot hold me down!”

But it can be difficult to raise our hands. We need to find our voice – find our power – and unlock it. For some, they have never had a voice and don’t even know where to begin. We must move through many layers of fear, of doubt and uncertainty. We need our friends to stand with us. The power of these movements is not so much in the individual as it is in the collective force of the masses coming together for a common goal.

Recently when I was observing from afar the uprisings in the Middle East and Northern Africa, I was so inspired. And yet I didn’t feel it would be possible to have such a movement here in the United States, where the individual is valued above all and free will is such a cherished commodity. You can imagine my surprise and my pride at seeing the people of Wisconsin stand up for their labor rights, protesting and doing everything they can to have their collective voices heard. It is an amazing feat they are undertaking and people from across the country have been standing with them, demanding their rights be upheld.

Hands from across the world are raised, fighting peacefully for basic human rights. I stand with hands held high, in solidarity with my brothers and sisters.

One thought on “Salal Dove: In Progress

  1. i think it is soo beautiful and soo significant that we both hold the same values, two green girls from the same place, not knowing much about each other or keeping in solid contact after we parted ways, now on complete opposite sides of the country…we do NOT stand alone..there is a revolution in the works and as indigo adults we have been dropped to this planet to educate all about hope and peace..peace begins in our heart..forgiveness for the destruction and understanding that the system in which we have been brought up in is soon to fail…it is in the beginning stages of failing…hope shines through…we feel it in our hearts, we see the change and the love that still exists in humanity..we have dug ourselves into a deep hole, but the hole is still open to climb out of..we are coming into a new age…an age of family, of working together for better lives, of getting back to the land, of ONEness, of total mind potential and making our dreams and hopes into realities….the dove was a sign sent to us with a message of hope and peace…the dove still lives on and still presents itself in our lives to remind us of that. it is going to take us time..timing ofcourse is everything…it is going to take us a lot of work and dedication, a lot of growth is happening in humanity every second. the word and the hope and the clarity is spreading like wildfire around the planet and there is no stopping it..time will prove that we will live to our potentials and beyond what we could and have ever imagined…we see all the little things taking place in welcoming this new age, the aquarian age…we are ready for it…and you are right..we need to all stand together…and more and more are getting closer to the understanding of ONEness and what that truly means…the important thing is to not get bogged down by the horrific news and happenings…but to see hope through it all…and to not forget the power we have…the universal power and potentials we have been given are back in our hands now…no more keeping it from us…cause the information is out and we are using it…we are remembering more and more what we are capable of. i commend you for your love of humanity and your love of our mother earth…i commend you for taking the time to help people become aware once again….we got this….much love and many blessing….namaste’ Tara


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