To allow what could be

Painting is all about letting go. I think that’s why it’s sometimes so hard for me to pick up the brush. The blank canvas can be very intimidating. What am I going to paint? What if it’s not good enough? For me, it’s almost more intimidating to work on a painting in progress. Continue reading “To allow what could be”

Salal Dove: In Progress

When I think about People’s Uprisings, I always see hands. Hands raised in solidarity. Hands raised in defiance. These hands defy those that would oppress them. They say “Yes! I am alive and you cannot hold me down!”

But it can be difficult to raise our hands. We need to find our voice – find our power – and unlock it. For some, they have never had a voice and don’t even know where to begin. We must move through many layers of fear, of doubt and uncertainty. We need our friends to stand with us. The power of these movements is not so much in the individual as it is in the collective force of the masses coming together for a common goal.

Recently when I was observing from afar the uprisings in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Continue reading “Salal Dove: In Progress”

Redefining Peace

I have been struggling with the content of the Peace Dove Project. What is it really about? The doves are merely canvases for images that will portray the content of this project. It has always been about giving voice to the voiceless and about bringing struggles to the forefront of our experience. About bringing about positive change with art.

But does it address a certain struggle? A certain people or place?

As the world continues to erupt in popular uprisings, it seems clear to me that this project must spread across movements. There is so much resistance in the world and I am far from much of it. Peace seems an unattainable symbol. A non-reality.

But what is Peace really? And how do we reach it? This project is about Redefining Peace in our era. Peace in a time where people are finding their voices and demanding their rights. Peace is unattainable. It is unattainable until Justice is had.

So what is Peace?  That will be the goal of this exploration. Redefining Peace.

The Peace Dove Project

The other day I was papering one of my Peace Doves while watching the news. Revolution is in the air. People are dieing, and fighting for their rights, and loving, and peacefully protesting everywhere from Wisconsin to Bahrain, from Libya to Algeria. And I am sitting in my house, constructing a dove. People are dieing for what they believe in and I am making a Peace Dove? There is something wrong with this picture.

I know The Dove Project has much deeper roots than simply touting peace around the world. It is about Justice. It is about having a place for unheard voices to be heard. It is about looking at the hard issues. It is not about some soft, Utopian version of peace where we all hold hand and sing songs.What was missing from my creative musing was a way for these ideas and intentions to leave my studio throughout the process and enter into the larger world.

So comes the blog. These revolutions were organized in large part because of Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. I have these same resources at my fingertips and I plan to use them.