The Story

Year Completed: 2018

Medium: Wood, paint, and chalk.

Dimensions: 8’X12’X2’

Commissioning Agency: Thurston Climate Action Team

Collaborators: Thurston Climate Action Team, Squaxin Island Tribe, Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team, Nisqually Reach Nature Center, the general public.

Climate Conversations.jpg

This mobile community engagement piece invited the public to share their hopes and worries about climate change. Naming fears and expressing hope is the first step in taking action. The piece was featured at several events in 2018. It generated great input and created a space for people to have conversations about climate change. 





In this video, Carrie and Thurston Climate Action Team President Tom Crawford talk community climate action at the first annual Festival of the Steh-Chass Estuary (aka: Deschutes) in Olympia, WA Summer 2018.



Climate Conversations

Contact Carrie to discuss the possibility of hosting this piece at your event, school, or organization.