Redefining Peace

Illuminated Dove

Illuminated Dove

I have been struggling with the content of the Peace Dove Project. What is it really about? The doves are merely canvases for images that will portray the content of this project. It has always been about giving voice to the voiceless and about bringing struggles to the forefront of our experience. About bringing about positive change with art. But does it address a certain struggle? A certain people or place?

As the world continues to erupt in popular uprisings, it seems clear to me that this project must spread across movements. There is so much resistance in the world and I am far from much of it. Peace seems an unattainable symbol. A non-reality.

But what is Peace really? And how do we reach it? This project is about Redefining Peace in our era. Peace in a time where people are finding their voices and demanding their rights. Peace is unattainable. It is unattainable until Justice is had.

So what is Peace?  That will be the goal of this exploration. Redefining Peace.