One Water: The Infinite Journey

This spring, I partnered with LOTT Clean Water Alliance to create an engaging and educational art piece about water for the WET Science Center. I teamed up with LOTT and more than 1,200 Thurston County students and adults to create the new piece titled “One Water – The Infinite Journey” that debuted as part of Spring Arts Walk on April 22 at LOTT’s WET Science Center. The result of this project is not just an art installation; it is a story of water.

In March and April 2016, I worked with local 6th-12th grade students and adults to focus on water conservation and appreciation for clean water. I made over 45 presentations and work sessions to students and community members discussing water’s cycle through our communities and the environment and the importance of protecting and conserving water. Participants created embossed aluminum water drops and fish in response to the presentations and reflecting on what they learned. I incorporated these individual pieces into a suspended art installation that hangs in the front windows of the WET Science Center.

Putting on the finishing pieces!

Putting on the finishing pieces!

The full piece depicts an infinity symbol, showing the continuous cycle of water from our urban environment to Puget Sound. This piece is now being used daily as part of the education and outreach that LOTT does about the importance of water. The story of it’s creation, combined with the beauty that is each individual piece and the collaborative piece as a whole, is inspiring water conservation to all who visit the Center. You can find a great article about the piece on ThurstonTalk.

The WET Science Center

The WET Science Center at the LOTT Clean Water Alliance’s Regional Services Center in downtown Olympia educates the public about the urban water cycle, water conservation, and wastewater treatment. As part of its community education program, LOTT partnered with me to create this inviting and educational art piece. Learn more at: The WET Science Center is located at 500 Adams St NE, Olympia, WA 98501