The Story

Year completed: 2016

Mediums: Aluminum, monofilament, steel, paint, glass beads, glue.

Dimensions: 14' X 8' X 1'

Commissioning Agency: LOTT Cleanwater Alliance, Olympia, WA

Collaborators: 1,400 middle and high school students, LOTT Cleanwater Alliance and the WET Science Center

OneWater Banner.jpg

Suspended aluminum water drops and salmon form a 3-dimensional, pointillism mosaic of intersecting light and motion, telling a story of water, both how it is constantly recycled and infinitely precious.

I love how this story is incorporated into the educational tours at LOTT, inspiring visitors to the WET Science Center to use water wisely. What’s more, there are stories within stories as each individual piece was uniquely crafted by a different person, each a unique response to how much water we use and how we can conserve it. These stories weave together limitless layers of depth and beauty.





One Water, The Infinite Journey

Interior hanging installation made from hundreds of individually designed pieces. LOTT WET Science Center, 500 Adams St NE, Olympia, WA 98501. Open 10-4 Monday – Saturday, Free admission.