The Story

Year completed: 2017

Materials: Latex paint on concrete

Dimensions: 50’ X 18’

Commissioning Agency: Puget Sound Estuarium

Plankton aerial 1.jpg

The microscopic becomes macro in this mural. It features plankton of the Puget Sound, some of which are at risk due to ocean acidification. I loved researching each species, looking at them from multiple imaging sources, and then bringing my creativity into play when painting them at such a large scale. The result is a surreal, yet scientifically accurate, effect. Many people helped paint this mural and we had so much fun exploring the nuances of each plankton and working together to bring them to life.





Plankton Mural

The microscopic becomes macro in this mural featuring plankton of the Puget Sound. The Puget Sound Estuarium, mural located on the side of Carras Cabinets Inc., 307 State Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98501, next to Old School Pizzeria.