The Story

Year completed: 2015 (Temporary installation 2015-2018)

Medium: Upcycled plastic bottles, dyed water, steel rod.

Dimensions: 10’x6’x12’

Commissioning Agency: Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, Eatonville, WA

Collaborators: Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and park visitors.

Project Wetlands Side.jpg

Dancing lights refract through colored water, bringing the piece to life and creating the illusion of being inside of a wetland. This installation translates the important role of wetlands to clean our water, and the necessity of using less single-use plastics. Visitors are immersed in this beautiful and solution-based piece in a setting where they view and connect to the animals that are affected by this issue. The experience leaves them more open to taking tangible action to conserve wetlands and reduce their use of plastic bottles.

I particularly love how the play of light through the colored water relates to the playful otters located right next to the exhibit. It was so inspiring watching them while installing the piece and reflecting their play in the artwork.