The Story

Year completed: 2015

Dimensions: 12’X5’X4’

Medium: Upcycled Capri Sun juice pouches, monofilament, clay shells, plastic fencing, wood.

Year completed: 2015

Location: Sherman Elementary School, Tacoma, WA

Collaborators: Sherman Elementary School faculty, parents, and every single student.

Porpoise Below.jpg

The musical chiming of the clay shells and reflected light and movement of the hundreds of Pacific Herring bring this piece to life. Suspended in the shape of two Puget Sound harbor porpoises and stabilized by student-created clay shells that are native to the region, this piece graces the elementary school’s cafeteria, bringing a calming energy to the space.

The artwork looks closely at the relationship of plastics and how our decisions, both large and small, impact the earth. While learning how to protect Puget Sound, students linked their artistic and scientific selves, looked closely at real-life examples and made their own fish and shells for the installation.





Puget Sound Multi-Porpoise Project

See the hundreds of pacific herring shimmer in the light, while listening to the chiming of the ceramic shells. Each piece was uniquely crafted by a student at the school. Sherman Elementary School cafeteria, 4415 N 38th St, Tacoma, WA 98407. Call 253-571-5488 for permission to view.