The Story

Year Completed: 2014

Medium: upcycled Capri Sun juice pouches, mono-filament, glass beads, bamboo.

Dimensions: 14’ x 9’ x 5’

Commissioning Agency: Thurston County Public Works

Collaborators: 700 students at 19 schools, Thurston County Solid Waste, Thurston County Environmental Health, LOTT Clean Water Alliance.

Butterfly Effect Front.jpg

Hundreds of gently spinning, shimmering butterflies create the form of a person emerging from a chrysalis, with “butterflies of change” flying from the person’s heart. People don’t always see all the layers of The Butterfly Effect right away, but once they do, they can’t un-see the multiplicities before them. This is similar to the awareness that one gets once they understand the complexity of the issues and their role as stewards of the earth. Viewers of this piece were initially struck by its beauty, and upon further gazing they could see the shape of a human emerging from the chrysalis.

A deeper layer still is the art’s meaning, told through the story of its creation. This unique art piece involved over 700 people in its making, with the goal of educating youth on the power of their personal choices and how they can create a “butterfly effect” of positive change in the world. Each participant made butterflies and a personal commitment to environmental conservation.

It is currently installed at Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court. There the messages of hope, inspiration, and the power of personal choices has taken on an even deeper meaning.





In this video, Carrie speaks about the process of the design and creation of The Butterfly Effect and the steps (and surprises!) along the way…



Rise Above Plastics, The Butterfly Effect

Hundreds of individually crafted butterflies create this 3-dimensional mosaic of light and movement. Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court lobby, 2801 32nd Ave SW, Tumwater, WA 98501. Open 8-5 Monday–Friday