Collaborative Art

Creating collaborative art is a wonderful way to meet the goals of your organization. Whether we use art to inspire action in participants and viewers, to raise awareness about important issues, to generate positive PR for your organization, or to win awards, we can work together to meet your goals.

The artwork we create can be 2 or 3 dimensional, temporary or permanent, interior or exterior.  When working collaboratively, there are a number of different processes that I use. The collaboration itself can include any or all of the following:

  • Collaborating directly with you to design a piece.

  • Working with architects and engineers to design and install a piece.

  • Collaborating with hundreds or thousands of participants throughout the process, from design to installation.


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Public Art

I work in a number of different ways, both 2 and 3 dimensional, temporary and permanent, interior and exterior. I work both independently and collaboratively. Visit the Gallery to see examples.


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Are you looking for a way to enliven your next conference or workshop?

Speaking with groups, I am available internationally to facilitate a collaborative art experience that engages each participant. Each person will create an accessible art piece which I will use to create a LIVE art installation during your event. The artwork, completed by the end of your event, will inspire and connect your audience, plus it makes a great photo opportunity for sharing and engaging on social media and news outlets!

When you invite me to speak, I speak from the heart, sharing stories of my own journey as an artist and how I create public art with hundreds and thousands of people. The stories and the artworks themselves are a call to action, one that leaves the audience inspired and ready to re-engage with the world around them. 


  • The Power of Art

  • How Collaborative Art Inspires Change

  • Creativity and Innovation in Organizations


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