Earth Art – Carrie Ziegler

Earth Art is Me – Artist and Naturalist – Carrie Ziegler.

My artwork strives to bring issues of Environmental and Social Justice and personal development to the front of the viewer’s experience. Whether I am working on a public mural project or am in my studio sculpting with paper and wood, my work revolves around these subjects. To affect positive change through art is my quest.

While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my works are linked by recurring themes. Whether I am throwing pots or creating a lighted sculpture, what sets these pieces apart are the paintings that cover them. They strive to be  beautiful, engaging, and provocative. I enjoy the challenge of painting on diverse surfaces, both two and three-dimensional. Nature, the human struggle, and beauty link together works made from paint, clay, and paper.


Carrie is currently living in Community, in Olympia, WA.