Moving from the Center and into Action: Part 2


Sometimes, when finding my center, I imagine myself in the radiant center of a flower, with the petals representing all of the different aspects of myself that I move in and out of all day long. Other times, it’s more like a hurricane.

That’s what it’s felt like these past few weeks, like we’re living amidst a hurricane with random and scary things being thrown at us out of nowhere. There are these constant, knee-jerk reactions that happen. Reactions that often come from a place of anger or fear. In my own life, I’ve seen how, even with the best intentions, if I react from a place of anger or fear, often more harm is done than good. But to take action from a place of love… It takes so much courage, so much vulnerability, and so much practice.

Find my center, move into the eye of the hurricane where everything is calm and I can see clearly. From here, I can prioritize, taking care of myself and my family. Asking for guidance as to where to put my energy.

What this looks like right now is focusing my energy where I can best be of service. Using my particular gifts and talents in combining Art and Science, in bringing people together, as a starting point for my actions.  

I looked at what was in front of me, saw the presentation on my calendar where I was to share my work about using art to inspire environmental action, and put my focus there.

My goal: Launch a multi-organizational Art and Action Project around Climate Change.

As part of my presentation to the Thurston ECO Network, I planned a workshop to brainstorm ideas and find partners for this new Climate Action Project. I was nervous about doing this, as I didn’t know who would show up, or if they would want to participate in such a workshop. But it all felt so important, so right. Still, the fear came and I had to let it go, and at times move forward with those fears inside of me.

The workshop was a huge success. The room was full and the group was so energized and presented many excellent ideas on how we can take positive action in our community.

I realize now that I haven’t written much here about my work in Art and Science. It’s what I’ve been working towards, and it’s unfolding slowly, like the petals of a flower.

For now, breathe, find my center, whether it’s the center of a flower or a hurricane, and take action from a place of love.

In Part 3, I’ll share more about this exciting project we have in the works!